Sleeping Beauty

This Christmas, Tarek will be composing and MDing the score for the Watermill Theatre’s Christmas production of Sleeping Beauty, directed by Bill Buckhurst and performed by a cast of multitasking actor musicians.

A quirky, comic re-telling of the classic fairy story through the eyes of the mischievous Fairy Goody. Having condemned the beautiful princess to an enchanted sleep in a fit of anger, she then has to seek out a suitably brave and handsome prince to break the spell. Only the dashing prince doesn’t match up to expectations and Beauty’s happy ever after doesn’t quite go to plan…

An enchanted forest, fantastical creatures and a mother-in-law who turns out to be an ogre combine to create an entertaining story that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Expect a touch of Roald Dahl in this acclaimed version by Rufus Norris with plenty of original music. A magical Christmas show like no other!

Click here for tickets and further information.

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